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'Terii Khamoshi'...

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shared Feb 6, 2016 in Shayari by kafir

Aaj Jana Terii Khamoshi Ka Matlab,

Muskuhrat Kisii Ko, Dil Kisii Ko Talab...    

~Jitendra Pathak(#kafir)

commented Feb 6, 2016 by Priya Batra
good Jitendra :)
commented Feb 6, 2016 by gurjyot_singh
nice lines but can you explain the meaning of last word of second line... It is kind of confusing in second line for me...
commented Feb 6, 2016 by kafir
here second line explain  two face character of a person...
commented Feb 11, 2016 by Mamta
Very nice. ..excellent
commented Aug 6, 2016 by kafir
Thanks for appreciation.
commented Apr 14 by Anil Sharma
@ gurjyot_singh...Talab is similar to Latt ...when u don't feel without  a specific thing/person....ex. A chain smoker feels Talab of smoking every now and then....  

So the meaninhlg of last line  (if i m getting it right)

 that person is two timing.....

Or in positive manner...

She might love some one else deeply without whome she can't live but she is forced to engage with someone else by family .....likewise....the same situation which was faced by Kajol in DDLJ...Loving SRK but forced to smile at Parmeet...

I hope it is helpful.

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