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A dream

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shared Feb 12, 2016 in Poem by AGAR
edited May 18, 2016 by AGAR

A dream, it was, indeed!

It was a dream, it so now seems,

Four strange eyes meet, a smile then beams,

Eyes locked in mine, eyes all alight

Faces lit bright by cupid’s light

Eyes don’t speak but they quietly scream:  

‘You are my love, my life, my dream’.

We met to chat, at desks we sat,

Said this and that but no combat,

And sat we did sometimes ‘till dawn,

‘Till roosters cry the night’s all gone,

While fingertips caress and scream:

‘You are my love, my life, my dream’.

Somehow something must have gone wrong,

Although I thought our love was strong,

I heard her sing another song,

Her heart, to me does not belong,

My mind, yet hears the silent scream:

‘You are my love my life my dream’.

An emptiness profound now reigns,

And loneliness my heart, it gains,

And some meaningless souvenirs;

A picture which recalled those years,

A letter your hand wrote to scream:

‘You are my love my life my dream’.

Images flash from that dead past,

With him, by side, you smiled and passed,

A library member recalled,

He saw some pics; he was enthralled,

The Julie song you sang to scream:

 ‘You are my love my life my dream’.

I must accept our love was gone,

Just like a dream before the dawn,

Blind fate’s decree, ‘twas not ordained,

The heart, this pained; the mind, this drained,

Yet they could not forget the theme:

‘You are my love my life my dream’.

Although we went our sep'rate ways,

And with time’s swiftness passed the days,

And our paths weren’t to cross again,

Your words engrained in heart remain,

Those words that seem always to gleam:

‘You are my love my life my dream’.

commented Feb 12, 2016 by Priya Batra
Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)

It is a beautiful piece.... keep sharing :)

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