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Voice of the smile

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shared Aug 29, 2016 in Poem by TheQuill
Along with it; holding serenity

Calmness epitomized; reflection of life

Sweet, vivid, gracious, and true style

It is the gift of gods; it’s the voice of the smile  

Together with shine of the eyes

The smile tells; it does describe

It manifests the existence of truth and light

It’s the power on gloom; it’s the voice of the smile

It reflects the hope and strengths

It strengthens the faiths in guts and endurance

It is indeed beautiful & charming; alluring and beguile

It sings the glory of light; it’s the voice of the smile

It comes when the rain drops jumps on the cheeks

Also when life grants our wishes; it peeps

It dances on the memories of dear ones; separated by miles

It shortens distances between hearts; it’s the voice of the smile

It sometimes even hides the suffering and the pain

It acts as a mask to the world; a spell to refrain

The weakness and tears out of a failure or loss

It shouts in face of plights; it’s the voice of the smile
commented Sep 1, 2016 by Ritika gusaiwal
commented Sep 5, 2016 by gurjyot_singh
superb lines... liked it....

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