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Think Deeper....

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shared Sep 7, 2016 in Essay by singhtanisha756
The most surprising fact about life is the thing we long the most, hurts us the most, and never comes at most. And, we being the creations of dear God, assume them as dreams. They're not dreams. Dreams is a much wider and incomprehensible term. They're a reality, turned upside-down. They're a reality enforcing us to work hard pathetically. There's a silver lining to every cloud and we shall never forget it for almighty never leaves it's children disheartened. Likewise, amidst this roller coaster, those who fail to accomplish them, commit suicide. I empathise with all those who commit suicide, their circumstances render them so debilitated for they end this beautiful journey of life. However, empathising is not the right way. We're blessed to have a living. And, none gives us the right to destroy this beautiful journey.
commented Sep 8, 2016 by gurjyot_singh
very well written...
commented Sep 8, 2016 by singhtanisha756
Thank you very much!
commented Sep 8, 2016 by Priya Batra
good Tanisha....

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