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Share my Feelings!

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shared Jan 2 in Quotation by Priya Batra
Sometimes I feel to share my true feelings with you. But I just control myself and try not to get ignored from you.
commented Jan 3 by Chinmay Ganvit
Because their is no meaning to share feelings with the people who don't understand it.
They are much important to us but for them we are not,they neglect us..and it's kill us not them....
commented Jan 3 by Priya Batra
Absolutely true Chinmay
commented Jan 3 by Sheela Joby
There is no point in sharing with people who try to be our wellwishers but practically they aren't so.
commented Jan 6 by gurjyot_singh
It's very hard to hide true feelings specially from those who are close to us.
commented Jan 7 by Priya Batra
Absolutely Sheela
commented Jan 7 by Priya Batra
True Gurjyot

1 Reply

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replied Jan 2 by Dreamer
selected Jan 3 by Priya Batra
Best reply
Sometimes somewhere someone hurts...because you hide your true feelings...
-Quick thought :)
commented Jan 2 by Priya Batra
Nice reply....
commented Jan 2 by Dreamer
Nice quotation...
commented Jan 6 by gurjyot_singh
nicely replied...
commented Jan 7 by Dreamer

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