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Har rah mai tu dikhne lagi h...

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shared Jan 5 in Shayari by gurjyot_singh
Zindagi khubsurat si lagne lagi h...
Dhup bhi sukun dene lagi h...
Teri nazro mai jabse khoya hu...
Mujhe har rah mai tu dikhne lagi h...
commented Jan 6 by Sheela Joby
kaun dikhne lagi ???  too good.
commented Jan 6 by Priya Batra
hume bhi batao.....kon hai woooooo :D :D
amazing dude ;)
commented Jan 6 by gurjyot_singh
Thank you so much @Sheela Joby and @Priya Batra :)
Will tell everyone about that person but you'll have to wait for the right time... ;)
commented Jan 6 by Chinmay Ganvit
Nice lines....
commented Jan 6 by Viro
Koi to hai jo,
Zindagi ban gayi hai.
Koi to hai jo,
Tere dil me bas gayi hai. :)

Nicely written
commented Jan 7 by gurjyot_singh
thank you @Chinmay Ganvit  and @Viro :)
commented Jan 19 by Ritika gusaiwal
maar  hi daloge...bhiyaa
that one is osm reallly sweet n loving.........
commented Jan 19 by gurjyot_singh
Thank you so much @Ritika gusaiwal... :)

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