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Fashion Sharks by Jimmy Boom Semtex

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shared Jan 7 in Short Story by Nick Goth
"Tooka was right. When she said make a truce with Michu and her company. That it's wrong to go to war. That's partly why she took us to the Peace Gardens," Jelma told her friends. For hours she'd thought about going to the gardens, the bomb, about her life, about her new business, about her old job, about the coming war with Michu. Now she spoke. "If we have a war with Michu, people will be hurt, maybe killed. Businesses will be destroyed. We can't let that happen. Yes, I'd die for Kazuki, to protect it. It's mine, ours. I'd kill Michu, burn down her business. Get a hired killer to shoot her. I know such a man. I know a few such men. But that path is not for me.

"A wise choice. We were wondering what you'd decide. Whatever you choose, we'll back you up all the way," Kaito commented, looking at Chiyo.

Chiyo nodded. "All the way Jelma. We're all family."

"Yes I know we're all family. Thanks my dear friends. I need to sort a meeting out with Michu. Somewhere neutral. Maybe in the old sushi bar we all used to go to when we worked at Washi or in one of the parks. Anyhow, we've a new dress to make. Let's get on with that for now." Jelma opened a folder and pulled out hand drawn artwork of a stunning orange cocktail dress. She showed her friends.
commented Jan 8 by gurjyot_singh
very nice....

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