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A Tiny Tale of Love 6

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shared Jan 11 in Short Story by vinery

Part 5 

Priya was speechless as she had never imagined that Rohan would say such a thing so directly.  

Seenu got angry. He pushed Rohan away...
'Priya is my girl... Don't you dare come near her! ',said Seenu.
'Let Priya decide. ',said Rohan.
'Rohan! Stop it! I love Seenu. Now please leave. ',said Priya.
Seenu smirked.

'I love you Priya and I will be always there for you. ',said Rohan.

Seenu got angry once again and he was ready to attack Rohan when Priya stopped him telling him just to ignore Rohan.
Then Seenu held Priya's hand and they left the canteen.

'Rohan! Are you ok?... That was something... Why would you tell Priya that you loved her when you knew she liked Seenu? ',asked Shyaam puzzled.

'I took a chance... They say everything is fair in love and war. ',answered Rohan.
Time elapsed... All of them passed out of 12th grade... Chose different fields... Went to different colleges...

'Priya is a distant memory... 'Rohan would tell himself.

3 years later...

It was Raj and Sakshi's engagement party.

After such a long time, the schoolmates were meeting. Some people were reminiscing about the good old days... Some were boasting about their high-profile career.
Rohan was half-listening them. He was looking around for Priya... After all, she was his first love.!

'Hey, Sakshi!  You are looking so beautiful today.',somebody said.
It was Priya... After all these years he could still recognize her voice... He turned around and found Seenu and Priya wishing the happy couple.

'So they were still going strong..!, thought Rohan and smiled mirthlessly. 

Part 7 

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