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shared Mar 4 in Poem by Sheela Joby
Wake up ladies,

Regard yourself as a woman.

You pull in what you are,

 Be exceptionally careful

Of how you're speaking to yourself

If you need regard,

 Figure out how to regard yourself, first.

Pulling in negative consideration,

 Never something worth being thankful for

They will hate you,


 You are excellent.

You are effective.

You are correct.

You are prevalent.

When you get consideration

When individuals throughout their life like you

You venerate an alternate form of their God.

You are otherworldly.

You have valor.

You have a conclusion.

When individuals support you

When they see you happy

Be a woman of substance!

That both women and men regard,

 Appreciate, and turn upward to

 Try not to discourtesy yourself

 by bringing down your principles

By, tolerating simply anything that comes in your direction.

 Consider it! It's all up to you."

Your ability, quality, and general survival

 Are hostile to a few people

 Those are certainly not your kin."

"In the event that you truly need to be fruitful in life,

All you need is one individual to have faith in you,

That one individual ought to be YOU.

Length of time that you truly trust in yourself

You can and will be a win.

Your attitude is an effective drive!

What you think and how you think

 Will be a definitive variable of your adventure's end

Most females are disappointed

With what they look like

And fight with endless frailties,

Not understanding that

You look most wonderful

When you think you don't.

I wish that all women throughout the world knew

Exactly how exceptionally lovely

 That we as a whole are

Cherishing yourself

 For your identity is engaging!

There's incredible opportunity

 In being unbothered by

Other individual’s assessment about you
commented Mar 5 by Priya Batra
incredibly powerful piece....
commented Mar 5 by Sheela Joby
Thank you dear Priya Batra, your comment is very valuable.
commented Mar 5 by Amit Soni
very nice piece.....dear..
commented Mar 5 by Sheela Joby
Thank you dear Amit Soni
commented Apr 2 by Viro
koi jawab nahi h tumhara yaar.. uff.. a great poem for women empowerment. keep it up

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