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Don't Break the silence

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shared Mar 12 in Poem by Neha_Sharma
reshown Mar 17 by Neha_Sharma
Don't break the silence
Someone in slumber might get up
Place steps deftly
you may wake up the sleeping ones
Calm quiescent don't breathe
Even your  breath can disrupt the Euphony
Here are sleeping the corpses of humanity
The cadavers of values
Mortal remains of the immortal pain you will find
Let them not wake up
As I can prognosticate the tempest
Let esoteric tempest stay unveiled
Sshhhh! Slow down
Don't break the silence
commented Mar 12 by Priya Batra
amazing write up....good
commented Mar 12 by Neha_Sharma
Thank you so much Priya
commented Mar 12 by gurjyot_singh
very nice lines...
commented Mar 12 by Neha_Sharma
Thank you Gurjyot ji
commented Mar 13 by Pranayee Gupta
Very well written!!!
commented Mar 17 by Neha_Sharma
Thank you dear

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