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shared Mar 12 in Shayari by Madhav Agrawal
edited Mar 12 by Madhav Agrawal
Sharaab-e-tahuur tak mein woh shokh kaha,
Jo tune nigaahon se yun pilaaya tha
Surkh hogyi shaam yahan jab
Rukh par tune mere fir gulaal lagaya tha

Happy Holi

Sharaab-e-tahuur = wine of the paradise
Shokh = Charm, Mischief
commented Mar 12 by gurjyot_singh
superb shayari...
commented Mar 12 by Madhav Agrawal
Thanks Gurjyot Ji
commented 6 days ago by Ritika gusaiwal
kamal hi kr diya...yal..........
commented 6 days ago by Madhav Agrawal
Aapka bahut shukriya Ritika Ji
commented 3 days ago by Priya Batra
khoob khoob...
commented 3 days ago by Madhav Agrawal
Thanks Priya Ji

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