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shared Mar 15 in Shayari by Sheetal Pandita
Khwahish aur shok to paise walon k purey hoty hai, Gareebon ki to zaruratain bhi puri nhi hua krti...

ख्वाहिश और शौक तो पैसे वालों के पूरे होते है, गरीबों की तो ज़रूरतें भी पूरी नही हुआ करती ।

By: Sheetal Pandita
commented Mar 16 by Ritika
bhhut shi......hai
commented Mar 17 by Priya Batra
bahut badiya Sheetal
commented Mar 17 by Sheetal Pandita
Thank you so much dear Ritika ☺
commented Mar 17 by Sheetal Pandita
Thanks a lot dear Priya ☺☺
commented Mar 17 by Pranayee Gupta
Well written!!! Dear poet!
commented Mar 17 by Sheetal Pandita
Thanks for your comment dear Pranayee Gupta ji. . I am humbled
commented Apr 16 by Viro
a sad truth :(

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