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The most dangerous people!

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shared Mar 16 in Poem by Pranayee Gupta
They look normal, they may seem silent,
But their hands are never at rest.
They all the time look pleasant, but thoughts from them are abundant!
Never take a writer for granted,
They are snipers, armed with thoughts and words,
Writers are the most dangerous vipers in this world,
The most intelligent actors, free birds,
Who can use sentences as swords!
They know how to aim with lines,
Plan with prose and target with rhyme
They teach the world, how to fire with paragraph
And use poetry like a gaff!
They know how to wipe tears,
And also take revenge through their verses.
Writers know how to immortalise their kills by poems
and even convey their love by poetry as medium.
They know how to suppress, they know how to express,
They know how to impress, they know how to protest.
With words they confess, they caress,
Hide their fears and tears, with letters and feelings in excess!
If you fall in love with a writer,
You'll never die at all,
Create enmity with a writer,
Then you create your own prestige to fall!
commented Mar 17 by Priya Batra
loved it Pranayee....
commented Mar 17 by Pranayee Gupta
Thank you so much sis!!!
commented Mar 23 by gurjyot_singh
very well written...
commented Mar 23 by Pranayee Gupta
Tq so much!!!!
commented Mar 27 by Viro
Wao... u deserve applauds from the entire writing community.. :P nicely written.

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