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Snowman Snowman

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shared Mar 17 in Poem by kalpana
Snowman! Snowman!
You have moved to iceland
Far away from me

Snow man Snowman
I started from east and traveled to west
I took some sunshine and walked everywhere
To find a man like you but found no one like you

Snowman Snow man
When i arrive to your land
Would you receive me warm heartedly?
Your heart with your soul has turned very cold

Snowman Snowman
I will come to you
With a heat of love
To melt the ice within you
Will you let me touch you?

Snowman Snowman
When i  come to you
Will you lock your lips with my lips?
...But how will you!!
Your lips of youth has turned very old
Snowman Snowman
I want a heat in me to pass on to you
I want you to feel warmness of me with your hug very passionate
I want to transmit a sunshine in you

Snowman Snowman
Come, walk with me
I will take you to loveland in me
You will find a miracle of sunshine
How bright and alive is the other side of this wine
Your skin very old will turn into gold
Your heart so freezed will turn to flow
In the land away from the ice
You will once again glow

©kalpana's imagination
commented Mar 19 by Priya Batra
superb.....well penned
commented Mar 19 by gurjyot_singh
nicely done...
commented Jul 20 by kalpana
thank you Priya Batra
gurjyot singh

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