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shared Mar 17 in Poem by Neha_Sharma
retagged Jul 20 by gurjyot_singh
When my days freeze, my sun becomes cold
Parasites feed on dead and old
My bones decay; my marrow ooze
My pyre adorned; eyes do booze
Medicines fail; unanswered prayers
Brain cries ; skin cracks and tears
I pray to Lord fill with pain
My timid subtle heart shall rain
Scratch out some shards of life from my skin
Dulcet pains; leaves in grin
Bargain my flesh; my breaths go sell
Ricochetting waves haunt my hell
I search my name in faded alphabets of that letter
The fragrance of dried rose is better
commented Mar 19 by Priya Batra
very good write up
commented Mar 19 by gurjyot_singh
very well penned...

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