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Part of you!

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shared 4 days ago in Poem by Pranayee Gupta
Some memories never leave you
They haunt you, they hunt you,
They heat you up, they eat you up!
Fully take you, completely break you,
They fill your heart, they drill your heart.
They wander throughout your body, just like condor
And you remain in this hangover, till your next exclusive encounter
Like salt in the sea,
Blood in the body,
They are part of you, that tear you apart!
Some are the reason behind your joys,
Some are the ones, that makes you cry.
Just think over, Are you wasting these memories,
for someone who don't deserve?
Memories are part of you,
So, don't waste them for someone and let them not take you!
commented 4 days ago by gurjyot_singh
very well written...
commented 3 days ago by Pranayee Gupta
Thanks a lot for reading...  :)
commented 2 days ago by Priya Batra
very nice Pranayee....keep sharing
commented 2 days ago by Pranayee Gupta
Thanks a lot didi :)

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