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Unforgettable Memories bring Pain & Smile

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shared Mar 19 in Quotation by Chinmay Ganvit
Some memories gives us pain.
Some memories gives us smile.
It's depend on us,which memories we want to choose....
commented Mar 19 by Pranayee Gupta
You are absolutely right!!!
Very well said!
Memories are part of us, so it depends on whether we choose nice ones or the ones which welcome tears from our eyes...
Loved it a lot!!!!
commented Mar 19 by Ritika
n ur title is really nice....loved it
commented Mar 19 by Chinmay Ganvit
Thank you so much Pranayee and Ritika for appreciate my quotation and such a beautiful comments....
commented Mar 19 by gurjyot_singh
nicely said... :)
commented Mar 19 by Priya Batra
memories actually gives us the voice through which we can help others to learn something...

nicely said
commented Mar 20 by Chinmay Ganvit
Thanks gurjyot & priya....

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