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take me back to the mountains

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shared May 2 in Poem by TheQuill
Walking on the rough terrains of mountains

Jumping, stumbling, rushing yet smiling

And witnessing droplets of joy from water fountains

Giggling, laughing, meeting other drops; combining

I was a kid, world was different, peace in life and valley

I was alive with more life in me

Slowly clouds of danger and fear covered my sky

Companion of nights: stars and dreams, an eternal glee

And my family moved to places, different and new

I started missing the chilled zephyr and fresh dew

With heart still in mountain, I live a life, albeit

Eyes still search for those curved paths and peaks to sit

Where, cool breezes caress my face and eyes smile

Where water droplets dance down my hairs, making me feel alive

The sensation of walking on clouds

And letting fragrances of flowers adorning each thought

Walking on mountains; feeling cared by them

Mountains carrying secrets everyone forgot

I miss being in such world of serenity and purity

I miss my mountains and those fresh airs

A life which was beyond mere obligations

I miss true sense of being alive; true cares

Let me walk down the memory lane

And disappear somewhere behind those mountains

Let me feel the air and breathe again

A life beyond definitions of losses and gains
commented May 4 by gurjyot_singh
very well written...
commented May 4 by TheQuill
Thanks Gurjyot :)
commented 4 days ago by Priya Batra

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