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zuban mere hai

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shared Jul 16 in Shayari by Adil syed
Haan shayari adhuri hai, par meri hai... !
Haan Jaisi bhi ho, yeh zuban meri hai...!!
-Adil Syed

हाँ शायरी अधुरी है,पर मेरी है..!
हाँ  जैसी भी हो, ये ज़ुबान मेरी है...!!

( Yes....the Poem is incomplete.. !
But it is mine... !

Yes.. However  it is.... !
The way of saying is mine...! )
commented Jul 16 by MaQsood
moved Jul 19 by gurjyot_singh
wah kya  zuba hy bhai
commented Aug 11 by Ritika
commented Aug 11 by Adil syed
Thanks ji.. .......