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Bursting Rain

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shared Jul 16 in Poem by saurabhpant94
retagged Jul 19 by gurjyot_singh
Wind howls all over mountains and terrains,
It's clashes with clouds bring that monsoon rain!
People either die or face critical damages,
As water increase by dangers of Bursting Rain.

The cloud burst to reality with water pouring heavily,
Their under cover smattering all the place of India with showers of rain,
Nobody could find a cause to surrender such gravily,
All who admire are facing the anguish of that Bursting rain.

Through certain discussions to survive or run,
People curse lord at the end attaining those bain,
Nobody realise what they have done to our lovely earth,
All have the lasting fears for that bursting rain.

Through certain decision to call out their loved ones,
Few fight out serging that vicious colasoal pain!
All have to understand the environmental protection,
Otherwise all will face the wrath of that bursting rain...

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