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Hide out

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shared Jul 16 in Poem by saurabhpant94
Streets litter with water everywhere,
People wish to run away to a safer hide out,
Their children crying to safety without slippers,
Those who have bigger households had to plan a safer fly out.

Colonies splashes with water coming from anywhere,
Those who could survive doing their best for try out,
Their children realising food not available for motion,
Those who could preserve have planned to fly for a better hide out.

Pleading for deaths without realising the truth,
They hungrily groap to look for proper hide out,
Reality of having rains splashing all over their place comes over,
They have now realised proper step to search a unique hide out.

Bleeding till death due to heavy bangs,
They plunge on deep insight water for safer hide outs,
The floods and rains smash all expectations at once,
After all it's all about the quest to get safely to a hide out...

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