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shared Jul 29 in Poem by Shaun

Have you seen the wrath of Humanity?
They feel it brings them sanctity.
With the blood of the innocent,
They feel it’s for them to mend.
They say it’s heaven on earth
But the innocent lay covered with blood,
From south to north.

They call themselves protector of mankind,
There are no rules that could bind.
With guns and pellets
They swore to purify,
There is no one to defy.

O Almighty!!
Have you seen the innocent lying dead?
into which their bodies have been shred.
The crows and vultures feed on them.
They judge everyone to be the same.
If justice prevails in your court,
Then let virtue triumph over vice.
With a flip of your dice,
Let the fathers once again rise.

commented Aug 2 by Sheela Joby
Well written..........
commented Aug 3 by Ritika gusaiwal
well penned........
commented Sep 1 by Priya Batra
amazing one dear....keep going

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
commented Sep 7 by Jacqueline Lobo
Congrats...........well penned
commented Sep 10 by gurjyot_singh
well written and congrats for being 1st runner up in PoemFiesta... :)

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