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Walking In the Storm

The skies are black, and the world is grey,

As I walk alone on a stormy way.

The wind is wild, the clouds are fey,

Ominously creak the trees as they sway.

Oblivious to the world I walk,

Self-absorbed, despairing child of Fate,

The ravages of the storm outside,

Are nothing to the storm raging inside.

Wave upon wave of fury embittered,

Wave upon wave of hopes shattered,

Gale upon gale of dreams now lost,

Silent, they lie buried under frost.

The world spins by, unheeding, unstopping,

Of the furious hailstorm now dropping,

No one has time to think of the storm,

Now on the world of mankind lopping.

I walk on, my skin numb, my thoughts beyond hope,

I walk on, and my clothes are torn, and the world fading,

I walk on, bleeding, bruised, but still alive

As I feel my feeble soul a-fluttering.

I drop down on my knees, and the world goes black,

And every noise fades but the breath I draw,

I collapse on the ground, and the breath stops,

And I meet with Death, Life’s greatest flaw.

The storm is over, and the clouds are gone,

As my earthly form lies amid dreams of the past,

Who I am, and what I was,

No one shall know as I breathe my last…..

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Thank you, all of you, for your kind words and support! I feel honored to have gotten the first place among so many deserving wordsmiths! Thank you, YoAlfaaz Community. Let's keep the poems coming! :)
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well deserved prize, congrats:)
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congratulations ashutosh :)
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Thank you for writing such a lovely poem.
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Thank you gaurav and Bruna :)

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