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An old man sold toys, for little girls and boys.
Every girl and boy in town,
Come to his shop and never return with a frown.
From years of experience, he knew,
The choices made by children were little.
The girls always liked dolls with a pink dress,
And the hooligans were the ones, boys liked the best.
One sunny afternoon, there came three little girls,
With beautiful eyes, shining like pearls.
Though their clothes were revolting, dirty and black,
Bit their innocent expression, held the old man back.
He saw those pink dolls from the pile,
But nothing was good enough to make them smile.
And then they moved onto rejected dolls,
With popping eyes and clothes with holes.
They picked up one brown and filthy doll,
With a frowning face and a weird shawl.
As they came to counter, it was evident,
That they felt happy and content.
"THEY CHOSE AN UGLY DOLL!" The old man wondered,
And looked at them as if hit by thunder.
And then he heard, what the younger one of them said,
As she admiringly patted the doll's head,
"I like you, even if your clothes are dirty and brown,
Come on Smile, you have no reason to frown,
Don't Worry, we understand what is the issue,
People are in a habit of judging us and you,
They never talk to us and would never find out,
It is not the appearance, but inside that counts."

And then they went out of the door,
But the old man was shaken to the core.
And as he saw them outside, chasing the birds,
He felt dazed by the little girl's words.

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very nice conclusion :)
commented by
"It is not the appearance, but inside that counts."... this made the poem worth it... awesome... :)
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Thank you Jacqueline :)
commented by
Thank you so much Gurjyot :)
commented by
nice priya you did it really well
commented by
Thanks a lot Ravi :)
commented by
appreciating work..
commented by
Thanks Mamta :)
commented by
Wonderful . Its an inspiring one.
commented by
Thanks dear :)

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