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On the ground evil plans rolled onwards, luckily the army had enough military equipment left over to do this because many vehicles were lost in past battles and attacks. Troops and vehicles were protected by nuclear protection systems so deadly radiation wouldn’t poison them fatally, in this nuclear desert. To provide armed protection for the troops a robot system was invented to cover them, the base and areas of operations. This was the Devil Snail weapon system based upon the poodle dog, there three sizes of mobile robot relating to the actual animal – Toy, Miniature and Standard. English army weapon scientist looked at ways of making an offensive/defensive weapon system that was self contained, had long life, deadly weapons, total obedience to the army and an agile fast attack platform with good lethality. With a metal/carbon fibre internal skeleton based upon a real poodle dog but much stronger than bone, an outer covering of plastic skin like material that was resistant to water, oil, medium levels of heat including fire and flexible enough to withstand small size knife thrusts and covered by fur of varying colours. Not just normal animal colours but other options like camouflage schemes were available for operations in, say, a jungle area. Internal power was provided by a long life battery cell that had a life of three months until it ran down flat and needed to be replaced, if the Devil Snail attack unit survived in combat operations that long. Armament was a pair of laser cannons available in three different sizes to match the animal size; these were mounted in the eye positions of the unit, in place of real eyes. The rapidly swivelling head gave superb vision around almost one hundred and eighty degrees when standing without moving the body, the head was able to elevate up and down and also the weapons could be slewed in the sockets by several degrees if the head was incapacitated from moving. Laser beam colour was either invisible to the human eye (in the non-visible light spectrum) to green, red and purple. Different crystals gave the colours depending on the operation, a visible laser beam gave the enemy a first hand view it was being attacked thus increasing the fear factor on the open battlefield, in defence or on an assassination mission an invisible beam would be used. The large Standard was perfect for supporting running soldiers on an open battlefield due to its running speed, superior cross country performance when compared to the smaller sizes and bigger more powerful dual laser cannons. This larger model was unsuited to covert assassination missions when the small Toy size unit had the advantage in small size visual signature, stealth, agility and discretion with non-visible laser weapons in the infrared/ultraviolet spectrum.

   Due to the extremely limited number of English army soldiers (less than eight thousand) many hundreds of these Devil Snail units had been produced and deployed with regular army units and on their own as recon/attack/defence units. Thousands more were planned from hidden underground automated factories over the next few years. With their superb Artificial Intelligence based on a computer chip running in the 4th order powering a multi redundant water based computer (much like a brain but constructed differently), these units were very effective in many areas. Only a highly intelligent person who knew what to look for could tell the difference, by which time they would be dead if they were a target or in the way. Scent glands fooled real poodles so the game wouldn’t be up; military personnel used secret identification phrases that were changed regularly to identify themselves to the Devil Snail units.

   Recent testing and selective military operations had been a resounding success, the enemy and general population had no idea that a mechanical breed of poodle was a man made weapon made to kill and incapacitate without mercy or pause. New facilities soon to be under construction would be guarded by these attack units.

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