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We ought to endeavor,

In our correspondence with others,

To pass on clear messages,

This will leave them persuaded,

Motivated, and liking them.

A solitary word has the force,

To impact the outflow of qualities,

That manages physical and enthusiastic anxiety."

Seeing a rundown of negative words for few moments,

Has been accounted for to leave negative impact,

On one's memory, sentiments and feelings.

Prolonged  introduction to obscene words,

Might disturb resting design, ravenousness,

Also, capacity to encounter,

Long haul joy and fulfillment.

The negative impact on the audience's mind,

Undermines collaboration and trust.

Words don't simply mirror your contemplations,

In any case, likewise  your character.

So reconsider before you compose, read or talk.

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perfect title for these perfect words....You have written it so well....
Yes, we should spit out the words before we speak....
Very Nice Sheela :D
commented by
Thank your dear Priya, I really mean each and every line said in the poem,  There is a reason behind writing this poem.
commented by
Superb poem with perfect lines...
commented by
Thank you dear Gurjyot

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