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ruswa hai, wo mujhse kyu,
mujhe batlaado koi,
me usse hi karu bas ishq,
use samjha do koi.

wo chahe to,
naraaz ho hamse, aitraaz na koi,
uski jhalak hi hai sab,
use samjha do koi.

wo meri hai, mai uska hu,
wo samjhe, afwaf hai koi,
 tera dil bhi, ab kahe,
mera pyar hai wahi.

tu karde maaf, mujhe is roz,
na tadpaunga kabhi,
tu ab hasde, bas ek baar,
to saza bhi maaf ho gyi.
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Reading again and again makes me feel what a commendable work you have written :) :)
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thanks for liking and such motivation. I'll try my level best to serve like this and better.
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nice..... :)
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thanks mamta
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Very well written.
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thanks sheela
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Very well done my friend .. commendable piece of poetry!
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thanks a lot friend afrang
I am feeling nice and very special to get such a reply from you

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