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(This poem is a tribute to Unconditional love of a mother who shelters and nurtures her little sapling which grew from the seeds unknown. She is a carrier of love, no matter what situations she is destined for, no matter what her personality is. Her only choice of nurturing that seed which grows into a beautiful tree stems out of the love stored in her womb. So Different, Mothers, but only one phrase that binds Motherhood is the Love for her Child.)

Yes, she is the strongest mother.
I am proud to be her only daughter.
She gave me birth at her sixteen,
Impregnated by defiling of a teen
She was tortured to get me aborted.
Am grateful to her sacrifice, undoubted
She brought me to light out of all odds,
We still fight them, winning all the shots.
Yes, I am proud to have such a mother.
She is glad as well, to have me, a daughter.

Yes, she is my beloved mother.
I am honored to be her only daughter.
She took me out from a garbage heap,
Nurtured, cared, growing me in a leap
I was thrown away by my birth mother.
I know only her as my birth mother.
Won the society to adopt me,
I am happy to have her lap for me.
I am humbled to have a wonderful mother.
She is the best of all other Mothers.

Yes, they are my unique mothers,
Affectionate to me, their straight daughter
They loved each other but the world denied.
Being gay, an issue, so people denied,
Away from all known in this world
Their hope is me in their little world.
Way different in choices but similar frames,
My mothers are great in sports and games.
Yes, they are my precious mothers.
I am their Kohinoor, the jewel daughter.

I am blessed to have you as a Mother.
I am amazed to be your divine daughter.
You gave me light in the light of Lord.
You are His wife, the servant of Lord.
Serving savage, when ask for, they, pleasure.
Bound to be vowed in uncomfortable leisure
Coerced to seclusion, rebuked if I born,
A new victim of slavery when you are gone,
Yet you save me with all your strength.
Like the lioness, to keep away bad wavelength.

I am overwhelmed to have you, Oh, Mummy!
You had three marriages, none ended happily.
The first one flew, the second passed away,
The third divorced, was caught cheating every day.
You wanted a family to accept me, the firsts
My daddy, your second, did but-----Alas!
Yet you are ready to move on with me.
Carefree and cool, so open to me!
I love you this way for you love me so much,
We are free birds, Mum, broad-minded too much!
Yes, we are proud to have you all as mothers.
Divorced, widowed, left to serve Godly Fathers.
You safeguard us always, all the day and night.
Of your blood or no, brought or not by you to light-----
The living legends, heroes, models inspiring others,
Not only are you better but best of all fathers.
Anonymous, they are cowards; rarely lovers but evil-eyed
They need to be re-informed that they aren't needed, the doe-eyed.
Mothers, you are history-makers, opposite tracks followed.
Respect to Thou for the burning camphor that you swallowed.

©® Subhajit Sanyal
 on 15/05/16

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Wow wow wow....Claps for you
such an amazing write up and you are such an amazing writer Subhajit....
This is one of the best odes I have ever read....
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I am honored
I am humbled
I am glad that you enjoyed the read :)
commented by
beautifully written... just amazing...
commented by
Thanks Gurjyot ji :) much appreciated :)

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Best reply
So nycllyy written...

N congratulations....☺☺☺
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Thank you so much, Regards  :) :) :)

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