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Dear Daddy,

It's been years since you have gone
Life has lost its charm
Your inspiration and guidance are ingrained in my heart
Never to part

I remember the long evening walks
The interesting discussions and talks
That we shared so often
Helping my outlook to soften

Problems were viewed as challenges
Never allowing the door to swing on its hinges
This clarity in your thought
Ensured that all my battles were well fought

When you held my first born in your arms
And promised to protect him from all storms
I could feel the bond
That would last in this world and beyond

A father is his daughters first hero
Someone she looks up to
Making her secure about every tomorrow
Cherishing a love true

It is every child's nightmare
To lose a parent's love and care
Leaving them to cope
But with a positive hope

That they would surely meet again
Someday, somewhere
Erasing all the pain
On another plane


Your daughter,
Kavita Panyam
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Many thanks Rucha.
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my pleasure reading this poem ma'am
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Thanks again.
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One of your best poems. It's so touchy.
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Thanks a lot dearest Sheela

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