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As the serene dusk comes by,

back to their nests the birds fly,

but the dark clouds still hover,

and my inner depths begin to quiver.


Fluttering of butterflies I hear,

a legion of voices from far and near,

is it due to my mind’s wear & tear,

or the corollary of any unknown fear?


In a brief pause, in biting cold,

I gaze at some mysteries untold,

oh nature! You seem so calm,

spellbound I’m, riveted by your charm.


So great you are, dearest mother,

with your fervour, my heart you smother,

in shackles bound I’m I know,

before my qualms, down I bow.



At your behest the brooks flow,

your will makes the winds blow,

zilch I’m in your mammoth territory,

you the rower and also the ferry.


Oh mother! Extend your arms to me,

my paradise it is, where I need to be,

bless this jinxed child with endearment,

freeing me from the eternal torment.
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nice and awesome words used by you
good luck
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Thanks for the complement :-) @ Ravi
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beautiful diction :)

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