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Infinite dreams of those sublime moments

when you surreptitiously read about stars and galaxies

and you helped your father ferry the villagers across the river;

priceless thoughts that you comprehended in your cerebrum

precarious to imagine, dangling onto a thin gossamer

desperate to break-in with that brilliant discovery.

You would stay awake, when everybody else slept,

to read and study from borrowed text-books of helping friends

and thoughtful elders, and then you would dream on,

those illuminating yet illusive rays in your mind's canvas

and paint with the multitudinous colors of the rainbow...

You never thought the mind had any limits,

for your dreams encompassed the Universe of the Universes!

As you awoke before dawn, while everybody else slept and only dreamt,

you toiled hard and delivered newspapers to sleepy homes;

you relentlessly worked hard to give shape to your infinite dreams

that just awaited your paint-brush and colors to arrange from the disarray;

and then the dawn took shape as did the

pied-blooming of the desert rose!

Forever you will be remembered A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir, you taught us to Dream Big!

~ Avijeet 'Musafir' Das
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Congratulations Avijeet ji! Very well deserved.
A very fine and fascinating piece, absolutely soothing to eyes!
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beautifully written... I cannot say more, other members have already said everything... and congratulations... :)
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Thanks a Ton, Heera Nawaz! Your words inspire me to keep on writing. Thank you for your beautiful kindness to a traveler.

Avijeet 'Musafir' Das.
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We see what we are in others! Thanks ever so much Tanisha Singh! Your beautiful words of encouragement inspire a traveler to keep on writing.

Avijeet 'Musafir' Das.
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Thanks for taking out time to read the post Gurjyot Singh! Your words inspire a traveler to keep on writing.

Avijeet 'Musafir' Das.

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