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Half a Bowl( For Short story competition)

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shared Nov 1, 2016 in Short Story by saurabh

Half a Bowl

Hustling traffic, melting skies, withered trees, blinking signals nothing just nothing was there to alienate this day from any other mundane days that Rohan had to encounter while coming back from yet another nerve wrecking and exhausting stint at office. Rohan akin to plethora of others like him suffered from the curse of being an average skilled personnel whose hard work, dedication and perseverance went for a toss the moment his manager found comfort  in someone with lesser knowledge but greater degree of leadership and management  credentials.

As he walked down the street that led to his home, he always stopped at a junction where he found an old lady with amputed legs sitting alongside two huge bowls. One bowl was filled with different denominations of coins and notes but what propelled Rohan’s attention was the other bowl that was completely empty and shined like a moon from the barren skies. For days he wanted to ask that petite lady the mystery behind bringing two bowls and keeping the one completely unused. This empty vassal agitated Rohan even more so because it was reminiscent of one of his manager’s sniggering remarks about his unused portion of brain which he often brings to work but never utilizes.

Finally after mustering some courage Rohan went ahead and shook the lady from her reverie and asked “Amma I have often seen you addressing people with these two bowls as they pass by”. What is the purpose of this empty bowl when you have the other one with more than sufficient capacity for a day or two”.  Amma gently smiled and retorted back “Son that bowl is not empty as it seems to you. I gather people’s smiles in this. Its half filled. Money given by people goes into the bowl that seems filled but is actually empty while smiles captured goes into the second bowl that appears empty .” Rohan stunned by her astute response stuttered “but Amma  why its only half filled than?” “Son that’s the irony of people’s life today. I have to empty this money bowl everyday but the bowl for collecting smiles remains in use for 1 week  and still never got full yet. Abundance of money has led to scarcity of smiles you see”. Rohan nodded in affirmation and gave his share of penny and a big smile as percentage of his share towards  the half bowl.

commented Nov 1, 2016 by Priya Batra
nicely penned....

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