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Talking with nature is so relieving at times.  One moment she would splash into the water, another moment she would be out on the sand, sitting and looking at the waves as they flowed back and forth.

Kamiya was a very lucky woman. She got married two years back with her childhood love, Banmeet. A proud wife of an honest Air Customs officer, she would happily do her duty of a wife and of a daughter in law. Recently she had joined a famous college of the city as a Professor. Her happiness knew no bounds when she was appointed as a Professor there.

It was her greatest opportunity to teach the values and principles to the new generation and help them in becoming strong people. Her husband was a great supporter of her teaching. He would always say to her “whatever you do in life, wherever you go, how much money you make, it does not matter to me. What matters is that you should enjoy the work that you have been allotted to you and you should spread the message of peace, culture, hope and humanity through your teaching.”

This is required in the world today, after all, we are living in troubled times.

This was the same as her father would also say to her. Her father was the first man in her life who supported her education throughout and her career. After him it was Banmeet. The problem with him was a severe one, he was a very possessive husband and used to doubt for every single thing.

Life took a turn when there arose some tension in Banmeet’s work. He became so busy with his work that he had no time for the family, which gave birth to the disputes. Gradually it became so big that Kamiya and Banmeet stopped talking to each other. Banmeet’s parents were worried.

One day when Banmeet returned home, he was baffled to find Kamiya sitting with Rajat in the drawing room. He was a known person; he was a friend of Kamiya’s brother, but with a bad morale of which they were unaware of. They were discussing the plan to change the interiors of Kamiya’s house. This incident gave fuel to the fire of dispute and an angry Banmeet threw that man out of the house. Kamiya tried to explain him, but to no avail. It further aggravated the problems between them and Kamiya left the house.

“Yes, go away, I don’t need you. Nobody needs you here.” Banmeet kept on shouting and yelling at her till she left the house. Kamiya started walking on the road and was weeping. She didn’t want to go to her parents’ home. Her mother in law called her, she picked up her call “Please Ma, don’t call me. Banmeet is no more the same person whom I had married. Everything has changed.” Her mother in law pacified her on the phone and convinced her that she would be able to make him realize his mistake. But Kamiya was so much heartbroken that she had given up.

Rajat had not gone; he was standing outside their house. And now the devil inside him started the work of destroying Kamiya and Banmeet’s life completely. Kamiya was already with the guilt that her husband had thrown him out, so this man took advantage of the entire situation. He pretended to help her and took her to a flat, which belonged to his relative and told her that she could live there for as much time as she wished.  Kamiya, unaware of the intentions of this man came under his influence.

The low life soon followed. She would daily drag her feet to the college now, as of some burden has been put on her back. In the classroom, she would not attend to the queries of the students as she earlier used to do and would mechanically give the lectures and go back home.

There, Banmeet had a far more troublesome time as he was already engaged with his office problems and now Rajat started creating troubles for him. He made a way to widen the gulf between Banmeet and Kamiya by instigating her against Banmeet.  Her mother in law spoke to Kamiya’s brother about this issue. Kamiya’s brother, Karan was outraged to know about Rajat’s actions. He was determined to save his sister’s married life and throw Rajat out of their lives. He tried his level best to convince his brother-in-law Balmeet and to some extent he gained success . So Karan along with Kamiya’s mother in law made a plan to bring out the real face of Rajat before everyone and save Kamiya.

To be continued…....

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Thank you dear Gurjyot Singh
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superb ..   keep writing ..
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Thank you Ashwani.
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dii..aap to bhut hi gajab likhte ho
this is also a beautiful story.....
exited!! :) :)
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Thank you Ritika gusaiwal

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