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Guess Me

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shared Dec 1, 2016 in Short Story by kabir_26490

It's 2.30 AM in midnight, my eyes are wet and my heart is heavy. Tomorrow at this time you wont be with me anymore but your memories will always remain. who will remind me by saying ,"it's time for food", it's fine, I will now set reminder in my cell phone.I wont be able to hear your voice anymore but this heart would always remember. Every morning I use to wake up with your sweet voice, now I have to wake up with the cell phone alarm.

You won't be here but your things would make me remind of you, no matter how far you go do not let the distance come between our relationship. I am same as I was before but as time moves on you please don't change. You are now going to step in a new world but don't forget the steps which we matched together till date.

Now your mobile phone's wallpaper would be changed but do not delete the old pics in your cell. I don't know about others but I expect that you will always remember me. All of my wishes have been true till date and I wish before closing my eyes to see you last time. 

don't get too much busy in your married life that when I call you and you say ,"I am busy will call you later"

Be happy in whatever you do and also share your happiness with me, I would be glad to be part of your happiness. 

"Happy Birthday"

"Happy Valentine Day"

"Happy Marriage anniversary"

all these dates would be remembered by you

But don't forget to wish me on

Happy Father's Day,

Your Daddyyy. 

commented Dec 1, 2016 by thegurjyot
well written, loved it...
commented Dec 2, 2016 by Ritika gusaiwal
ohh...so sweet nice
commented Dec 2, 2016 by kabir_26490
Thanks Gurjyot and Ritika
commented Dec 3, 2016 by Priya Batra
great one....good
commented Dec 3, 2016 by kabir_26490
Thanks Priya

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