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Dad, you are best

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shared Dec 2, 2016 in Short Story by kabir_26490
It was Kasin’s 25th Birthday and Kabìr and simran decided to give her a surprise party..

Kabìr was happy as kasin graduated in commerce being on top of list and also she is now turning to 25.

Simran to Kabìr: “kasin looks so pretty today in ethnic wear,isnt it “..

Kabìr,”i can smell some jealousy here”..

Kasin laughed mom dad this is best day ever thank you.

As the party was on, one of friend of kabir came to Kabìr and ask so what's next plan now,

When is your kasin going to invite us for her marriage..

Listening this Kabìr said, “when she will find a strong men who can handle her like me handling her mom”

All laughed..

Simran,” Kabìr, don't say you handle me ok it's me who handle you “..

Kasin,” you guys , come in enjoy”

Kasin was having dinner with her special friend as of now they were only ffriends

Kabir saw that and didn't said anything that time.

At that night as party was over

Kabìr,”kasin, call that dinner guy tomorrow for tea talk with me “

Kasin ,”Dad, we are friends”

Kabir,” I am your Dad, I can see the way you were enjoying time togther, cracking jokes and much more ”

Kasin,” Dad I was about to share but was confused”

Kabìr,” well, your dad is master so call him for tea and let me see if he is fit for you like dad or Not”

Sinran,” kasin, dad is now on 40’s so don't check his fitness"

Kabìr,” hey, simran I know I am fit ! (Showing his biceps) “

The next morning

As it was tea talks with kasin so called friend

Kabìr told him

“she is my princess, and you have to treat her like queen,

She is independent and I have given her freedom and she always made me feel proud by her work and her behaviour

Make sure those tears in her eyes are for happiness else you know me right (showing his biceps)”

Kasin hugged her dad saying

Dad you are best and with tears in her eyes yes you are fit !!
commented Dec 3, 2016 by Priya Batra
beautiful piece
commented Dec 3, 2016 by kabir_26490
Thanks Priya

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