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Walk on beach

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shared Dec 2, 2016 in Short Story by kabir_26490

Holding her hand walking on the sea shore in the evening time

Feeling the cool breeze and the sound of water along with the sweet aroma of the sand,

kabir and Simran are walking on the sea shore holding hands, simran’s hair are open and the wind is blowing her hair on her face,

kabir slides the hair to see her face and says,

“let me see you, let me always see you

I want this time to freeze and lock myself with you

Let those stars burn, let the moon feel jealous

of romance done between us”


”Let not consider moon, let us ignore those stars

Let me sleep in your arms and feel the evening

Just let me dwell there in for hours and hours”

Both hugged each other tightly while the water of sea was touching their feets

Simran felt cold and lifted her legs and step on kabir’s

legs were getting mingled

Lips were getting mingled

Emotions and feelings were getting mingled

commented Dec 3, 2016 by Priya Batra
keep writing more and more....
commented Dec 3, 2016 by kabir_26490
Thanks Priya, yes sure would do that

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