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Typo Error:

Kabir once went to Goa for a business trip,

Simran while waving good bye said, “Be in Limits” (That’s natural)

As there was successful deal on Friday, company gave a party on Saturday night.

On Saturday Morning,

kabir,”Hey Simmu, Our deal was successful and tonight there is party, I am really gonna miss you”

Simran, “Hmmm, that’s ok, you enjoy your time”

Kabir,”simmu, why sounding so low, I thought you would be happy on listening good news”

Simran,”yes, i am happy, You enjoy party tonight we will talk tomorrow”

Kabir,”Hmm, ok as you say so, Miss you”

Simran,”Just be in limits”

Kabir,”Sure honey, Tata”


In evening all were surprised as there was a dance show, yes of course along with complimentary drinks too.

Dancers were from Russia and there dance was splendid

All guys were gossping within each other while enjoying their drink,

Kabir, thought to text simran so he took his cell phone

“hey Simran, today there are Russian dancer and trust me no one can compete your beauty ” (Blue tick)

“One Russian dancer is noticing me, I wish you were HER” (Blue ticks)

Simran,”Angry emoji”

Simran,”See you at home, KABIRRRRR”

Note: If you get the typo error, All the best..

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I hope you get the typo error in it
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well written... liked it...
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Thanks mate Gurjyot
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nicely written....
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Thanks Priya

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