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why I'm still alive

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shared Dec 16, 2016 in Short Story by Chinmay Ganvit
Why I'm still alive after three accidents and injured in head all the three times near to Brain,why it had no serious damage when accident was badly occure.
Why I'm still alive I'm asking to you god,you robbed the all things from me which was my favorites,now there is no meaning to live this empty life,every time you broken my trust but still I believe in you,i never lost my faith in you.but you don't stopped to broke my trust & finally you broke me too.
Now I have just one wish from you I don't want anything from you but give me liberation from this painful life.
I can't stay more in my current situation because I'm dying daily so it's better to escape from this life then stay still alive & dying daily....
Four is my lucky number.
God i hope I should have one more accident means forth one,& it must be last,because I want end of my life....
commented Dec 16, 2016 by thegurjyot
Nicely written...
commented Dec 16, 2016 by Chinmay Ganvit
Thanks gurjyot_singh....

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