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I am occupied down

Setting up a rundown of vital way of life changes

I wish to make,

The basic component that is lost from my new year's determination

Is the response to the question "Why?"

I ask myself "Why are these new year's resolutions essential?"

My mind answers

Rather than weaving dreams noticeable all around,

Make your resolutions with importance,

Add an intending to your life.

Quit delaying,

Enhance your focus and mental abilities,

Look Where You Stand,

Fulfill the Incomplete,

Gain some new useful knowledge,

Think before you talk,

Include a fortune trove of recollections to treasure all your life.

Have a Positive approach towards life

Holding with the family

Reach your buddies and companions,

Speak Your Mind

Wake up to World News,

Squander Not, Want,

End the Tantrums,  

Accomplish something decent for your folks,

Abandon a negative behavior pattern,

Keep in mind birthdays and commemorations

Conquer a dread or inability to think straight

Be genuine about promptness and duties,

Wish I could do all these.....
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Thank you dear Farishthe ( Gurjyot Singh)
commented by
Uff.....no words left for me to say about this piece Sheela...

Just too awesome
commented by
Thank you, dear Priya, for the continuous support you give.
commented by
wah...its such a nice one :)
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Thanks a lot dear Viro

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