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The New Year: A time to reflect, a time to rejuvenate

Today as we bid farewell to another year,
And add one more summer to our lives here,
Let us recall the year’s good times with cheer,
And thank our Lord for joys that were music to ear.
Remember too, the sorrows that beset our sphere,
Empty spaces bequeathed by loved ones and friends dear,
Those departed souls who life’s woes no more they fear,
Their fond memories deep within us will cohere,
To our Merciful Lord we pray with hearts sincere, 
May they attain His bliss that will always adhere!

The New Year we indeed welcome at midnight hour,
The twinkling stars high above, off the skies, we scour,
With fireworks’ bright lights, funfair - the new bride’s dower,
A harbinger of glad tidings, a great driving power,
Let she be and hope her yet unborn sons shower,
Us with brighter days; so let’s rejoice and devour,
This dawn as it is born afresh like a flower,
And wish for all good health to stand like a tower
In days ahead, aim for new goals, without cower,
To work towards with God’s will - our superpower. 

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nice post...
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Thanks, Gurjyot
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Well penned, I wish  Juha comes back with a bang this year.
commented by
Thanks, Sheela. He will, hopefully soon!
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superb....well penned
commented by
Thanks, Priya
commented by
I like the rhyming words in your poem............so well written:)
commented by
Thanks, Jacqueline!
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very well written sir :)
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Many thanks, yes2arjun.

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