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A Tiny Tale of Love 1

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shared Jan 6 in Short Story by vinery

A tiny tale of love (Part 1)
'Rohan loves Priya...', Rohan scribbled in his notebook.
It was not the first time that Rohan wrote so in his notebook. Actually, the last page of his notebook was filled with the name 'Priya'.

Rohan and Priya had been classmates since the first grade. Rohan always liked Priya but when they reached the 9th grade, that liking turned into an infatuation and when they reached the 12th grade, Rohan was sure it was love.

'Hey, Rohan! What's up man?',Shyaam  brought Rohan out of his reverie.
Rohan hastily closed his notebook...Shyaam smiled and said,'We all know about your liking for Priya except of course Priya.' Rohan flushed a little...
'Why don't you tell Priya? ',asked Shyaam to Rohan.
'What if she said no...?',answered Rohan.
'And what if she said yes...?',asked Shyaam.
'Do you think she will say yes... ?',asked Rohan hopefully.
'Ask her and we will find out.',replied Shyaam.


'Manaali, just look at Seenu...He is looking so cute today!',exclaimed Priya.
'You say that everyday...',Manaali teased Priya. Priya smiled and said,'You can't blame me if he looks cute all the time.' Both the girls laughed and gave each other a high-five.

'Oho Priya..! You are all smiles today... Has Seenu asked you out?',Sakshi bantered.  Priya blushed a little and said,'Wish it was true.. !'
'May your wish be granted...Tathastu!', said Sakshi smilingly. 

Part 2

commented Jan 6 by Sheela Joby
Such a sweet one.
commented Jan 7 by vinery
Thank you Sheelaji.
commented Jan 7 by thegurjyot
nice story...

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