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A Tiny Tale of Love 5

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shared Jan 8 in Short Story by vinery

Part 4

Priya was reading in the library when Seenu came in and sat next to her.

Priya looked at him and gave him a smile.
Seenu smiled back and said, 'A little bird told me that someone here liked me..!'.

Priya reddened.

Seenu continued, 'I just want to say that I like that someone too. '

Priya got goosebumps... She smiled lovingly at Seenu and ran out of the library.

'I am so happy today...!',screamed Priya hugging Manaali.
'Seenu likes me... Seenu likes me..!, cried out Priya.
'Really..? Wow!! I am so happy for you.', said Manaali.
Sakshi came in and said, 'Priya seems very happy today... Has Seenu asked you out, Priya?'
'Actually... Yes... Seenu told me that he liked me.. Isn't that wonderful!? ',said Priya.
'He did..? Really? Wow!! You lucky girl! So happy for you..! ',uttered Sakshi.

The girls were very happy and both Priya and Sakshi started teasing Manaali to find a boyfriend.


In the classroom...

Rohan was staring longingly at Priya, when Seenu suddenly threw a crumpled paper at her.... She hurriedly opened it... She looked at Seenu and smiled... Seenu winked at her and she blushed.

Rohan saw it all and felt jealous of Seenu but he couldn't do anything... He felt so helpless and angry at the same time. He wanted to beat the crap out of Seenu. He knew it was wrong but then hey, they say everything is fair in love and war.

After the class, Seenu walked towards Priya and they went to the canteen together.
Raj, Sakshi and Manaali had joined them. They were having a chat when Rohan came there and declared, 'I love you, Priya...!' 

Part 6

commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
Lovely story...
commented Jan 11 by vinery
Thank you so much, Gurjyot ji.:)

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