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Waste Precious Tears

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shared Jan 9 in Quotation by Priya Batra
When you know that the person doesn't love you, why waste your precious tears for them? Just move on.
commented Jan 10 by Priya Tripathi
But mam...What about love? Usse kaise move on kare
commented Jan 10 by Priya Batra
by socializing with people around....you will get to hold the hand of a person who loves you more than you do...
commented Jan 10 by Priya Tripathi
Thanks mam...For telling me
commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
Nicely said...
commented Jan 12 by Priya Batra
Thanks Gurjyot :)
commented Jan 19 by Ritika gusaiwal
just leave n move on
commented Jan 19 by Priya Batra

1 Reply

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replied Apr 10 by Anshul
selected Apr 11 by Priya Batra
Best reply
हम कभी न कभी ठोकर खाते है ऐसे में गिरे, सम्‍भलते रहे इसलिए जरूरी है, हाथो में किसी का हाथ होना
commented Apr 11 by Priya Batra
ekdum sahi baat....

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