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It's all about....... PAIN

+6 votes
shared Jan 9 in Quotation by Priya Batra
I think. I think too much. I get hurt. I get hurt too much. I cry. I cry too much. I smile. And then I repeat.
commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
it happens with a lot of people...
commented Jan 12 by Priya Batra
commented Jan 19 by Ritika gusaiwal
yup itss true...life's cycle
commented Jan 19 by Priya Batra
Yup....its a cycle...

1 Reply

+2 votes
replied Jan 9 by Chinmay Ganvit
Fake person don't get hurt only true and loyal person get hurt and always suffers from pain....
commented Jan 9 by Priya Batra
absolutely true
commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
well said...

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