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shared Jan 10 in Poem by Silver macrame

I got in bliss
When I received a kiss
I mean a lip-lock
Which made my movements block
My heart was beating with a high sound
I was in the air and didn't wanted to come to ground
It just happened unexpectedly
And, Yup fortunately
Close! She came
Just called my name
And said "I wanna smooch"
I took it in joke
Said, "Yeah you can"
Suddenly her lips came close to my lips
A moment no one could ever miss
An enthusiastic kiss
That lips touching
It was damn fetching
Can't express in words
All I can say is
It was a HEAVEN but full of SINS.
                       --Silver Macrame
commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
superb poem..
commented Jan 19 by Ritika gusaiwal
so touchyy...n lovable.....:) :)

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