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shared Jan 10 in Poem by Silver macrame

Everyone broke my hope
Everything becomes nothing when u get bullshit for your hope
I had a close relation very close
But when I hoped for love ............
I got a NO
Now I hope for nothing
I realised that maybe I m not made for love
Every time I hoped for being together
Being together with my friends
Being with my love maybe she accept
I got a NO
They all care for me when I m not around
But when together they don't even surround   
When I hoped for nothing
Nothing to go wrong
Nothing to go hard
Again I got a NO
But now one thing is confirm
There is no point hoping at anything at all
I don't want hope
                             --Silver Macrame
commented Jan 10 by Chinmay Ganvit
Awesome words....
commented Jan 10 by thegurjyot
nicely done...

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