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If the ambience of romance is diffused everywhere
in expressions, through roses and diamonds...
I won't seek to be a piece of your heart
With a breathtaking ring or a generous bouquet,
I won't ask for love in exchange of gifts
For it sounds more like a formal give-and-take.

Yes, I won't amaze you with moment's presence
I won't let you prance in utter excitement...
I know you love flowers, you love desserts and toys
Yet I won't let you incline for mere expressions
Used often by brain-dead lovers who can't express
They do it more for they lack in that depth.

So, on this day, when the sun is warm
And birds are tweeting a melody, so exquisite
Woven by the morning dew, the blinding fog
And the soothing wintry breeze of this quiet morning...
I gift you this piece of my heart, my poesy
A piece of my soul to my soul, My Love!

Let me hug you tight and embrace the union
As does the melting drops on the buds and leaves.
Let me stop the deceitful time with a magical kiss
And in a frenzy, weave a cocoon of our world.
Let's love like the bees, kiss like the compact whorl
of petals, let's hum our song in tunes of our love.

Let's chase thr flying pigeons and bees of tyrants
Who trick us often, we end up doing nothing.
Let's mould our affections into a shapeless sphere
And love, an untold promise destined forever.

©® Subhajit
08:03 am
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so...sweet n loving...
commented by
Thanks a lot Dear :)
commented by
superb write-up...
commented by
Thanks a lot Gurjyot, Much Appreciated!

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