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Brave Woman

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shared Feb 22 in Poem by Sheetal Pandita
Don't try to hold me tight
I am a butterfly i will die
Don't try to hold me loose
I am a bird i will fly
Don't dare to snatch at me
I am a cinder i will burn blue
Don't mess with my morale
I am a cactus i will torn you
Don't let your ego in my way
I am a light i will glow
Don't underestimate my depth
I am a sea i will drown you
Don't waste your energy and time
You can't resolve my mystery
Don't hinder my path
I have to rise to make history.

By : Sheetal Pandita
commented Feb 23 by Priya Batra
nicely written.....good
commented Feb 23 by Sheetal Pandita
Thanks for your comment dear Priya ☺
commented Mar 2 by Pranayee Gupta
Amazing poem!
Unique thoughts! Nice poem Ma'am!
commented Mar 2 by Sheetal Pandita
Thankyou Pranayee Gupta ji , it means a lot ☺
commented Apr 16 by Viro
deserve appreciation.. :)well written
commented Apr 17 by Sheetal Pandita
thanks a lot Mr Viro

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