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When u make a decision, there should be no future dreams attached to it nor the present or past despair pushing you towards it.  The mind should be clear and calm.  You should neither feel high nor feel low. after making it  That is the zen of the mind.

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Well said!!!
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thank you :)
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But Mary Dolly I disagree with you. There should be a future dream attached to it, otherwise what is the use? There should be something that propels one to move forward in the future which can be done if one makes the decision and follows one's dreams until fruition. Just a thought I thought of sharing with you. You don't have to agree with me. Anyhow, I voted for you!  -love, Heera Nawaz.
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Hi Heera, feedback much appreciated.  It is worth a thought.  It was an attempt to convey that emotions should be kept at bay while making decisions. "Future dreams" apparently seems to have added ambiguity to the meaning intended.  Greater attention to play of words warranted!!  Thank you.  :) Best, Dolly

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