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Tum kabhi mujhe gira na sakoge

Kyun ki mein hu khadi apne pairon pe

Tha ek din jab tune haath choda 

Toh girkar tan-man toota that

Par ab tera sahara nahi chahiye mujhe

Tere diya hua chot ne housla di hai mujhe

Tum hi ban gaye ho kamzor aaj

Bolo tumhe aaj kiska sahara hai

Ab mein karu tumse kis haq se baath

Tumhe hi toh chod diya tha mera saath

Varna aaj mein zaroor thaamti tere haath

Aur kabhi na chodthi tere saath.....

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wah....bahut ache
commented by
Thank you priya ji... This is very encouraging for me......I also await ur suggestions and critics.....
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just amazing...

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